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Recent content by bigbaldbloke

  1. bigbaldbloke

    No more Tello WiFi SSID found after firmware update

    No mate, but I've not tried since my post.
  2. bigbaldbloke

    Video not saving on Android

    Sounds too coincidental that it's 3 Pixels...... I just had a Google and saw a similar issue with another app. The fix was to force close the app, turn off all permissions, then launch the app again. That brought up a new request to grant storage permissions, which fixed it. Worth a try?
  3. bigbaldbloke

    One motor is hard on spinning

    Try giving it a spray with compressed air in case there's a small bit of dirt accessible. It's unlikely, in which case (if your warranty has run out) the choice is replace or strip down. The motors are fiddly to strip but it's not impossible. I've stripped one before and the end cap is a...
  4. bigbaldbloke

    1 motor stopped working, so sad!

    What a sensible technique. Wish I'd seen that last month before replacing right the way back to the board!
  5. bigbaldbloke

    1 motor stopped working, so sad!

    It's worth popping the bottom off and checking to see if the solder joint to the board is still intact. If it is, the problem is the motor end. If there is a break, it's unlikely to be covered by warranty, whereas a faulty ,motor might be.
  6. bigbaldbloke

    Mi Wi-fi app crashes when launched

    Congratulations on fixing it. If the post is going to continue existing, it might be an idea to say how you sorted it in case someone else gets the same problem.
  7. bigbaldbloke

    Tello only fly few centimetres forward

    Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app (unlikely as TelloFPV works), try a different phone and try a controller. If none of those work, I'd be thinking hardware.
  8. bigbaldbloke

    Tello only fly few centimetres forward

    Switch on and wait for the LEDs to turn green. Long press the power button for 5 seconds until the indicator light turns off then Let go as soon as the LED starts to flash yellow.
  9. bigbaldbloke

    Tello only fly few centimetres forward

    Try the WiFi reset procedure- can't do any harm.
  10. bigbaldbloke

    Tello only fly few centimetres forward

    Hmm, you said all calibrations so I assume you've done the IMU? Tried a firmware reset?
  11. bigbaldbloke

    Updated firmware and now 2 tellos won’t take off...?

    Do they go through the LED boot sequence okay?
  12. bigbaldbloke

    Problem with the GameSir t1 control when connecting it to the Tello

    Sounds daft but is there any sign of a button being stuck down or joystick drift? Have you tried connecting it to any other app or device?
  13. bigbaldbloke

    Broken power switch - easy fix

    Glad you're sorted dude. :cool:
  14. bigbaldbloke

    Broken power switch - easy fix

    It looks like the housing has already broken off. Try connecting the battery and then pushing the part that I've circled using something small. The light should start flashing as it goes through its boot sequence.
  15. bigbaldbloke

    My drone's power button was broken.

    Have a look at my post here, there's an easy fix. https://tellopilots.com/threads/broken-power-switch-easy-fix.5319/ Remove the bottom cover and you'll see the switch housing. Break off the small metal "lid" and you'll see the actual button underneath. Create a small hole in the bottom cover...