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Recent content by Bjf101

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    Programming the tello

    I read somewhere not to forget the code for programing one of these tello drones is there someone that can explain what that mean and how this is done and what it does to the drone ???thx
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    An edit of today's flight in an ancient castle!

    What a assume pic 👍where can u find this place ?
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    Vps weak land as soon as possible

    Weird I try ed that when it first happened and it did nothing . So when I got your reply I thought can't hurt to try again so I grabbedI qtip gave then another wipe and sure enough the tello is working like a dream again . Thx
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    Vps weak land as soon as possible

    Now when I try to fly my tello I try to take off and it revs up like I jet then shuts off . If I hold it in my hand and give it a little shake the revs go up and down then shuts off again ??? Any idea what I should do to solve this problem?? Sucks as it flew like a dream yesterday .