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Recent content by bklockett

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    Using the Octopus App, i got the gameview controller for Samsung note 8 I have to work for the thumb sticks. With curved screen and locations of the onscreen buttons, it’s a little tougher to get them mapped.
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    New Tello won't work with Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    LOL...turned off wife...lol
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    Local football ground

    Very nice!
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    Some photos from Paris

    Nicely framed shot.
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    New Firmware Update.

    I received an update to the firmware today. I am on a Samsung Note 8 running Android 8.0.0. Installation worked without a hitch. BK
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    Hello from California

    Bought the Tello drone just to get stick time without having to leave my home or neighborhood. I live within 1.4 miles of an airport so flying my Mavik Pro tends to be a little bit of a production...lol Anyway! Hello, looking forward to chatting with and learning from some of you.