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Recent content by bmelody

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    TelloFPV panic stop

    All is good! I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. When switching to mapping I did NOT select the controller. Works like a charm. Thanks again, ~Bill
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    TelloFPV panic stop

    Thanks for the suggestion volatello. I have not tried the gamepad tester app yet but I did try a second controller with the same results. I must be mapping incorrectly as I do not see that anything has changed after attempting to map the switch. Also when pressing the STOP button on the screen...
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    TelloFPV panic stop

    Hi All, It's been awhile since I have tormented the dogs chasing them around the house. Going absolutely buggy with this SIP and Covid-19 so I charged up all my equipment and got reacquainted and started flying. I updated the TelloFPV app (incredible program) and discovered the L2 button no...
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    my tello unstable with gamesir T1d controlldr

    volatello, Which controller do you recommend?
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    Radio communication

    WiFi is radio communications. WiFi is just a word referring to band of radio frequencies (2.4 and 5.8 GHz) that has been allocated to wireless communications. It is also digitally modulated meaning the information transmitted to the drone and back is digital rather than analog. Being digital...
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    Charger error code

    Alright, good job!
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    Charger error code

    Try another power supply with high current >2 amps. Also replace the cable , there may be a high voltage drop.
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    Another new little drone.

    Check out this little guy. Appears to have it all. GPS, SD card (I think), controller, even cheaper if you order with only one battery. There is a video included in the add, scroll down. US$89.99 18% SJRC Z5 5G Wifi FPV With 1080P Camera Double GPS Dynamic Follow RC Drone Quadcopter RC Drones...
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    Error code 203

    I agree, mines fixed, I'm happy.
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    Help totally new ro the drone world

    After following umanbean's instructions go to google and search "Tello getting started video". You will find lots of videos that will help get you in the air.
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    Gamesir T1s with OTG?

    The OTG cable is not bi directional. Try flipping it end for end. If your cable is marked the host end must go to the phone. The controller should power up as soon as the cable is connected.
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    Gamesir T1d + Xiaomi wifi repeater 2

    If you think you might ever want to use an OTG cable DO NOT purchase a T1d controller. Get a T1 or T1s. The video will have a delay using the T1d.
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    Gamesir T1s with OTG?

    Do not pair the controller using bluetooth. Turn bluetooth off completely in the setting on your phone. The controller should power up automatically when you connect the OTG cable. That's all there is to it. It must be a T1 or T1s to work with an OTG cable. The T1d will not work with an OTG cable.
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    New Firmware for Tello (

    Too late for me but I will check my grandson's Tello. I'm sure he has not yet updated anything yet. We are going camping this weekend and I will check his bird.
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    New Firmware for Tello (

    If you have "Error 203" it may be too late. Once the error occurred I only was able to get the drone to boot up one time. After that I could not get it to boot, even after trying 4 different batteries. I tried cooling the batteries but that also had no effect. I am hoping the new firmware...