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Recent content by BobbaTea

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    Acro Mode?

    Ohhh okay. Pls let me know if there is anything you come across though.
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    Acro Mode?

    ACRO mode is where the sticks control the speed at which the quadcopter pitches, rolls, or yaws. When the sticks are released and come back to default position the quadcopter will maintain its angle. Ardupilot.com definition "Acro mode (Rate mode) uses the RC sticks to control the angular...
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    Acro Mode?

    Does anyone know how to put tello in acro mode and remove all flight restrictions?
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    Attitude Angle

    Does anyone know how to change the attitude angle past the app restriction? A Wireshark file would be helpful to find the protocol the app uses to change the attitude angle on the drone. Being able to alter this would help make the drone significantly faster and cooler. Any help would be...