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Recent content by bogirdm

  1. bogirdm

    iPhone 12 Tello Controller

    Rotor riot for me is the best. Working with TelloFpv.
  2. bogirdm

    Hello from Brooklyn

    Welcome ;)
  3. bogirdm

    Hi, New to Tello - live in the UK

    Welcome ;)
  4. bogirdm

    Modder, from the French Alps

  5. bogirdm

    Hi from Casale Monferrato- Italy

  6. bogirdm

    Hey Stifer here from the UK!

  7. bogirdm

    Hello from Bracknell, Berkshire UK

  8. bogirdm

    How to catch?

  9. bogirdm

    Hi From St Helens, Isle of Wight

    Welcome ;)
  10. bogirdm

    Greetings! From Indonesia

  11. bogirdm

    hi from Turin, Italy

    Alone? On the wild track? ? Welcome;)
  12. bogirdm

    Hi from Cornwall

  13. bogirdm

    Newbie pilot

    Welcome ;)
  14. bogirdm

    Noobie here :)

  15. bogirdm

    new iOS App: TelloFpv ... finally!

    Hello, today I fly for the first time with TelloFPV app. Unfortunately, only inside, strong wind was today. Im so impressed. Working perfect with my XS, but, and with this im so happy working perfect with my controller Rotor Riot. Volate!lo Respect(y)