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Recent content by Boston

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    Tello firmware v02.05.01.13

    My Tello (Edu) firmware says, and I see in the firmware section it shows v02.05.01.13. However when I try to update, it says I have the latest firmware. Can someone confirm whether is the latest?
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    Gamesir T1s bluetooth working fine with Tello

    Thanks, do you have any inputs on the controller buttons when using OTG cable? T1s is recognized, but the buttons just won't work.
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    Gamesir T1s bluetooth working fine with Tello

    I've ordered Gamesir T1s with an OTG cable for my Samsung phone. I couldn't get the button mapping to work for some reason, then just for kick, I tried to use the controller via bluetooth with Tello and I found it quite pleasant flying. The reason I ordered OTG cable because I read up about...