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Recent content by cucca

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    Xiaomi WIFI repeater external antennas mod

    this mod will works with this 8dbi antenna: WayinTop 2Set 8dBi 2,4 GHz 5 GHz Dual Band Wireless Network WiFi Antenna RP-SMA Femmina + 20 cm U.FL/IPEX a RP-SMA Cavo Pigtail Maschio per Mini PCIe Card Router Repeater Desktop PC FPV UAV Drone PS4: Amazon.it: Amazon.it ?
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    Tello Firmware refuses to download

    About me, i switched from tello wifi to my home wifi before launch the download, but won't download anything. I tryed to concat ryze and they tell me that iphone is not a suggested phone, i'll try again with an ipad and if it's no working i'll contact them again
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    New app: TelloFPV for Android

    any chance to have it for iphone/ipad? :)
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    Tello Firmware refuses to download

    same problem for me with an iphone xr, the download won't start... i tryed to wait some minutes (10-15) but without success
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    Greetings from italy

    Hello All, yesterday i bought my first drone, obviously it's a tello, and i'm very excited! I just tryed a 2 minutes of indoor flying in my flat, and it's really amazing! I can't wait to see it ouside! have a nice day!