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Recent content by ds72tello

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    Object tracking with Tello

    Hi, I didn't modified TelloPy library. Actually... I can't ;) I just import TelloPy library and use some of their wellmade functions. TelloPy is really AWESOME. It also support pip install! And now it support Python 3.5!! Thanks again for author - hanyazou. hanyazou/TelloPy Please read...
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    Object tracking with Tello

    Object detection and tracking demo Thanks for Tello Pilots members(Specially in this threads). Inspired by yours posts, I made object track tello. It track wildboard image with auto pilot mode. (Yes, you can chage target) FYI. Due to old laptop's detection speed is slow. (7years old, i3, No...
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    Hello from Korea :)

    I learned many things from here and it really helpful for my study. Thanks for all of Tello Pilots members and staffs.