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Recent content by EdzaLV

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    Suggest RC simulator

    Hi. I was wondering if there is good RC simulator with custom workshop if possible for multiple reasons: 1. It is safe, fun and educational Like Robot Arena and Robot Rumble games for PC 2. It allows experiencing unreachable items or try before buy and allows using them 24/7 regardless of...
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    Can I extended my tello range of flight

    Those are how far they can go without loosing signal from controller|pilot but i have yet to see 1 km height video. MAX so far is 30-40 m.
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    Tello is turning off after one minute of no movement

    It depends on environment. If people are busy and in loud area then it can be achieved.
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    What people use drones for IRL?

    What custom drone use ideas have this forum users tried out with their drone? Mainly drones are made by factory or modified by experts for specific 'sane purpose' but have some tried 'crazy or fun idea tasks' to use drones on? With cheap(er) drones it should be no problem to experiment. Can...
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    New Appreciation for Tello

    Tello is supposed to be easy and fun to use AND look at it this way : your other drone while it is more RC fun if bored fingers requires constant attention and can crash easier if make user-input-error and it still reduces useful batterry flight time to be used for filming etc. Tello if wasn't...
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    How and why your drone flies, in great detail.

    Is there similar site for drone modifications and DIY content or need use search engine + youtube?
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    Basic questions about drone from beginner(s)

    Thanks for advice. But seriously today was just a bit windy but drone lost control and got stuck in tree(best case scenario cause can get out). On youtube i saw video that this drone even can fly up to 30m instead of default 10m but wouldn't it cause signal to be compromised and even more wind...
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    Basic questions about drone from beginner(s)

    Hi. Recently bought this drone. Nicely done but too weak even with propeller guards this happened on second day on not so much windy day was carried away Does spare parts come to be purchased? Also i have question about charging drones battery Is it OK to use standart charger 5V 2,1 A like...