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Recent content by etkaveman24

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    Check for hair or anything else that could be wrapped around the prop shafts. Do the propellers stop about the same time? Or does one or more stop immediately?
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    I would like to know the opinion of all...

    I bought two cases on Ebay that work well. My girlfriend also has a tello. They were cut inside to hold 4 batts, gamesir controller, tello with prop guards, have a zipper pouch in the lid. I dont see how the batteries could ever fall out. My only gripe is that you pretty much need the prop...
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    Tello Blinks Slow First and then Fast and repeats this while charging

    What is the amperage output of the power supply you are using? It must be at least 2.1 amps to get a full charge on the batteries.
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    Run-in Tello brushed motors ?

    I ran a little 1/18th scale car club years ago, and we used to break in motors by running them in a glass of distilled water for 10 to 15 seconds. This will seat the brushes. It will lessen its useful life also. We were only interested in getting our motors to the "sweet spot ". This is where...