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Recent content by FTL900

  1. FTL900

    wifi booster

    That video totally helped me get it all set up!! It was great to watch that on my laptop, pause it and work through the different configurations and settings until I had it right, and then un-pause and move on.
  2. FTL900

    Above 30m?

    I got the MI repeater but haven't gotten it all figured out yet, how to connect it.
  3. FTL900

    Above 30m?

    There is an android app to let it fly higher. I haven't used it, but I saw it in another post around here somewhere.
  4. FTL900

    T1d controller issue

    I saw a youtube vid where a guy said the controller works great with iphones but not with the androids. Seems like he said adding a wi-fi range extender would solve the problem.
  5. FTL900

    First time drone owner in Las Vegas

    I wanted something that could basically take pictures like a selfie, only from 50-100 feet away. On a recent motorcycle ride, a guy pulled out a Mavic but then he took pics from 300 feet up and it was too far away. So I decided I wanted something that could do that, fairly inexpensive...