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Recent content by guy250!

  1. guy250!

    Short trip

    Nice easy video Well done Guy
  2. guy250!

    Ermita de La Cruz, Tenerife [photos] - Now I beleve in Tello

    Great photos-- well done Guy
  3. guy250!

    Tello on a Saturday morning

    well done Nice to watch - easy ..not to long Great Guy
  4. guy250!

    France Pétanque game & More

    Hi A week in france 45 min drive from paris. Upgrading a system here. Finished the work. Close to my hotel i here cracks... Went there. asked permition to fly and pic. playing Pétanque with small metal balls. then close to a nice green place. these came out Guy
  5. guy250!

    cool riders ...

    nice pics with the bike
  6. guy250!

    cool riders ...

    Tx 4 the post Yap we all had a great time all the best Guy
  7. guy250!

    cool riders ...

    35 motorcycles Good friends Morning today. my new Honda CBR500R in orange..( 2017 year). guy
  8. guy250!

    Some pictures

    Nice pics Looks like ground level 2 meters up and ..... Guy
  9. guy250!

    The new road ...

    Raining here... Close 2 were i live The new road is coming up. my wife car with extender on top. guy
  10. guy250!

    Back to work

    great pic Guy
  11. guy250!

    I got my 9yr-old a Tello for Christmas!

    Great thing Exposing kids to new technology ..
  12. guy250!

    A different angle

    Tello flyes Mach better in wind Without prop guards!! guy
  13. guy250!

    New app: TelloFPV

    HI Will TelloFPV legal Flyers get this App ( discount / free ) ?? Follow me (TelloMe)...what will be the speed limit of follow up bicycle ride? Or Walking speed ? Tx 4 Great work ... Guy
  14. guy250!

    Tel Aviv Jaffa..

    With the wife and the stupid dog. At ......These came out. Guy