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Recent content by guy250!

  1. guy250!

    Tel Aviv Beach Today

    Thank you all
  2. guy250!

    Tel Aviv Beach Today

    Just after visiting my mom. Drove with my bike allong the beach these came out guy
  3. guy250!

    Jerusalem Mountaines

    With a good Friend ..took a motorcycle ride to .... Nice and cool o er there. Great day Guy
  4. guy250!

    First outdoor video with Mi Wifi Extender

    Looks great Two comments One - Were is this filmed at? Pakistan? Germany? Two - Reduce the video to 2 min max More easy to see and enjoy Guy
  5. guy250!

    Cibiu & Sigshuara Romania

  6. guy250!

    Cibiu & Sigshuara Romania

    Touring vacation Romania Enjoy Guy
  7. guy250!

    Romania Sinais

    On a vacation with my wife So..Romania the City Sinaia guy
  8. guy250!

    South ITALY Lecce

    Hi Close to old town Lecce today Guy
  9. guy250!

    South Italy Beach

    So.. Back from work close to lecce Italy South . Drove to the beach today. these came out today Tx guy
  10. guy250!

    Air Pics from Germany

    Hi Germany ..raien River and More Guy
  11. guy250!

    Old Tractors & Farmers festival

    Hi Tx 4 your comment. I did send these pics to the tractors club personal that i know for years . To use them as he like. Tx Guy
  12. guy250!

    Old Tractors & Farmers festival

    Hi Today afternoon A good friend there invi
  13. guy250!

    Herriet Beecher home place CT US

    She wrote the book "uncle Tom Tent" her house
  14. guy250!

    Hamptones vacation USA

    I was there with my family from new york Had a grest time The place from air guy