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Recent content by Hacky

  1. Hacky

    Multiple Computers Connected to a Tello Drone via Wi-fi Cannot See Eachother

    As the extender simply bridges the AP of Tello (which does not forward packages) - are you sure that packets will be forwarded between clients? I use this one but currently it seems to be unavailable: Lychee VAP11S Wireless Mini Bridge Dongle für Industrie und Leben: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör
  2. Hacky

    Tello Edu sofware

    @Dan have you been successfull in using the large flight map meanwhile? Regarding QR codes and ArUco: As QR code means a 2-dimensional code for quick response, I would say, that ArUco markers are just a special kind of QR codes. ArUco markers support pose estimation through their border and...
  3. Hacky

    Tello Edu sofware

    Hello @ricardoentassie , I am not sure what you are aiming for. Is it just about exploring the functionality of the Tello EDU App? Is it about reading barcodes? Is it about controlling Tello through optical markers? As you may already know, Tello has some built-in functions to detect markers...
  4. Hacky

    Problema con mi Tello

    If you are looking for help from a broader audience, you should post your question in english.
  5. Hacky

    Remotely switch on/off, auto recharge, precision land

    Thanks for your reply. What is the weight of your Qi-enabled solution?
  6. Hacky

    Alert: System is overheated

    It is normal, that Tello issues overheating alerts and shuts down after some time sitting on the ground. It needs ventilation either by its own props or by an external ventilator. When it sits on the ground, you can active the propellers to spin slowly either by SDK commands or by giving the...
  7. Hacky

    Applying computer vision techniques to Tello

    @shaiq ahmed : This thread started with a pose tracking approach based on OpenPose and Volatello joined the discussion with "TelloMe" app, which uses simpler models for face / person / object detection due to limited ressources on a smartphone. So what exactly is the approach you are looking...
  8. Hacky

    SDK 3.0 for Tello EDU

    To be precise: It's firmware v02.05.01.17. SDK 3.0 can only be used, if at least this firmware is installed.
  9. Hacky

    Drone DJI Tello Boost Combo MATLAB support

    It provides a gray-scale video stream with 320x240 px, see also here: http://tellopilots.com/threads/sdk-3-0-for-tello-edu.6013/post-39266
  10. Hacky

    Pack a homebrew action-cam on top of Tello

    Thanks for sharing. Some hints / addendums when using this approach with Tello EDU: When using Tello EDU with latest firmware, powering external devices became difficult. If an external (OTG) device is connected to the micro USB port, Tello's WiFi hotspot is disabled. You will not be able to...
  11. Hacky

    Drone DJI Tello Boost Combo MATLAB support

    Matlab seems to support also "normal" Tello, as far as I saw it from YouTube videos. Nevertheless I would strongly recommend the EDU version. Beside formation options, it also provides some other features like access to the downward facing camera.
  12. Hacky

    Upside down battery!

    You can try to remove the top cover (at the risk of breaking some "plastic noses"). It may help to lever / pull out the battery. Afterwards you should check the contacts. A am afraid, you bent them, so that the battery will not get adequate contact to the Tello PCB afterwards, when inserted...
  13. Hacky

    hello everyone! i am stuck with swarming the normal tellos, how can i connect 3 drones to my pc, all of them have the same ip?

    As mentioned already, there are only ways to solve it on Linux, requiring seperate WiFi adapters (e.g. the built-in and an USB WiFi adapter). Here are two threads, that discuss it: https://tellopilots.com/threads/swarm-of-2-tello-drones-simple-tello-non-edu-version.6168/...
  14. Hacky

    My Take on Multi-Tello Drone Formations

    Perhaps this may be interesting as well: During the conception phase, I experimented with "3D Lissajous" figures. In the video shown in post #1, it is not so good perceptible due to the frontal camera perspective. Here it can be seen with a different camera perspective, but not with the final...
  15. Hacky

    SDK 3.0 for Tello EDU

    As you may have seen, I went through this phase as well (including the search for such a flight map): My Take on Multi-Tello Drone Formations You can contact me via PN for further details. I am located in the same country as you ;-)