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Recent content by helci

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    More Powerful Motors!?

    There is not much point in replacing Tello's motors. They are actually fecking good.
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    Tello Night Flying

    Camera is shite though in light conditions like this.
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    Tello Night Flying

    Oh, and it has just stopped raining, so it's wet af all around.
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    Tello Night Flying

    Manual says 300lx minimum, I've just flew it at around 7-9lx. Vision positioning is obviously off, it floats about a lot, but as long as you keep visual contact, it flies. Keeps altitude remarkably well.
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    More than 30 meters, Italian Alps!

    Amazing place, amazing shots.
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    App for photo/video editing

    I use Vlogit for Android, it's quick and easy, it doesn't have too many features, but it's perfect for a quick cut before sharing.
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    Brighton calling

    Hi fellow Tello pilots, Got my craft last Sunday, but it was either raining or busy working. But then this afternoon ...