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Recent content by husoaga07

  1. husoaga07

    Tello @ Lattrop - The Netherlands

    Nice vid ?
  2. husoaga07

    Lenti, Hungary

    Nice photos!
  3. husoaga07

    Butterfly garden in Southwest Harbor, Maine

    It looks very nice ?
  4. husoaga07

    Wrapper using Kotlin

    I don’t get it. What does it do?
  5. husoaga07

    Super cheap controller buttons.

    You know, it’s a good idea. No need to use Bluetooth.
  6. husoaga07

    Forest trip

  7. husoaga07

    The NOT Tello 2

    And too many people says Tello 2 (actually just a Realacc R20) is better than Ryze Tello. OMG what is this?
  8. husoaga07

    The NOT Tello 2

    Omg he has like 182 dislikes (and 152 likes btw) and he says “indeed alot of but hurt people that dont get the video” to me. I didn’t get it and it’s hilarious ?
  9. husoaga07

    first time AP with the tello

    It looks very nice ?
  10. husoaga07

    Getting braver

    Wow! What was your altitude?
  11. husoaga07

    Hallo from italy

  12. husoaga07

    Hello Tello

    Hello, Tello! :D
  13. husoaga07

    View in Greece

    Wow! I agree!
  14. husoaga07

    Tello app settings

    Yeah, it keeps the imperial/metric setting but it doesn’t keep anything besides it.
  15. husoaga07

    Yellow Blinking quickly.

    Yeah, plug your whatever microUSB to USB charger cable and plug it into the iPhone charger plug.