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Recent content by jannie

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    New app: TelloFPV for Android

    In the end I got it to to install through the play store website on my laptop. A weird workaround, but at least it worked. Thanks for the replies.
  2. J

    New app: TelloFPV for Android

    It's the same account and still have to pay again. Will try a restart, maybe that works.
  3. J

    New app: TelloFPV for Android

    I paid for the app and have it running on my phone. If i want to run the app on my tablet I have to pay again?
  4. J

    Vineyards and a deer

    Some shots at sunset, I'm impressed with how much detail the Tello get's in to the photo even with not so much light. You have to look careful to spot the deer (at the end of the vineyards at the left), unfortunately it got away as I got closer with the Tello. It's watching the drone from a...
  5. J

    Photos From my new tello

    Photos are not stored on the tello but directly sent to your phone. If you dont see them in tour gallery, you probably didnt give the app the right permissions. Give app permission to your phone's storage. Via settings ->> apps ->> permissions.
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    Very nice!
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    Perfect day for flying at the beach!

    Nice shots! Where is this beach?
  8. J

    Tello app upgraded

    On my tablet I had to press ok to "Device activation and verification of the activation status" to be able to use it, but on my phone it didn't ask for it. Good thing is that there is no GPS in the drone, so not granting the app access to your phone's location should be enough to prevent this. ;-)
  9. J

    Tello Photo/Video Not Saving

    Did you give the app permission to use your intenal storage? If not, you can change it at settings ->> apps ->> tello ->> permissions
  10. J

    Calibration and other issues (sometimes)

    Thanks for your response. Good to know you have the same "issue". Here the problem is more common in weak lightning as well.
  11. J

    Calibration and other issues (sometimes)

    My tello sometimes moves sideways inside (so no wind), in other words the VPS doesn't seem to work well. After restart it works fine again, so it doesnt seem to be an engine problem or anything like that. Another weird thing is that with a shiny white underground, the drone's positioning...
  12. J

    Hi from Spain

    Have been lurking a little bit and finally decided to buy this little drone. Great fun! Hope to contribute and learn from you guys :-)