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Recent content by KarlosDaishi

  1. KarlosDaishi

    New firmware, altitude limit.

    New option in the latest Android app, with the latest firmware... set altitude limit (2-30m) Need to test, will feedback after lunch...
  2. KarlosDaishi

    First flight in a while

    Apologies, real life has been getting in the way of flying the tello. Anyway, quick shot on the way home from work today, only after discovering I hadn't charged the batteries. Typical. St Mary's Island, Tyne & Wear
  3. KarlosDaishi

    aTello (Android) Development Thread

    yep, that's a known problem on Samsung phones. install "simple gallery" or another gallery app and they will be fine when viewed with that. :)
  4. KarlosDaishi

    Fly away Tello

    Phew. Lucky escape. I've had one major fly away, which ended hitting a tree. Luckily, no prop guards on so it bounced to the ground, but it did cost 3 props. I'll bet your heart was racing.
  5. KarlosDaishi

    aTello (Android) Development Thread

    First page of this thread... says "atello download page" 《Edit》 Sorry, that sounds unnecessarily sarcastic, it's not meant as such.
  6. KarlosDaishi

    aTello (Android) Development Thread

    It took me so long to figure that out too... hahaha
  7. KarlosDaishi

    Tello no fly zone

    You "can" fly a tello anywhere. There is no restriction on the drone (in the way a spark or mavic will lock you out) This does not mean you should.
  8. KarlosDaishi

    Tello with propeller guard

    yep. it's extra weight, therefore the motors have to work harder. props are more likely to fly off if you crash with it off, but it's more likely to get stuck in a tree with the guards on.
  9. KarlosDaishi

    Photo editing

    Pixlr is pretty good too.
  10. KarlosDaishi

    another Tello Pilot (Android App)

    Typical... we have 3 weeks of blazing sun, you publish this and it thunders and pours down with rain. As soon as it clears up, I'll give it a try. :)
  11. KarlosDaishi

    Castle Waldthausen / Germany

  12. KarlosDaishi

    At the marina

    Lovely. It looks so peaceful
  13. KarlosDaishi

    At the coast.

    Edit. Just found a couple taken using Atello. This is the best.
  14. KarlosDaishi

    Sensor Light

    One is a sender, the other a receiver. It's all good :-)
  15. KarlosDaishi

    TALS App

    Samsung galaxy s8, there's a usb-c to regular usb adapter in the box, the extender plugs direct into that. Doesnt seem to affect the battery life at all