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Recent content by LeoLeo

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    400 meters range test and some advices

    nice job :)
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    Do many of you have a Tello along with a larger drone?

    i have a mavic air, tello and several china toy drones. I nlove them all, every drone for its special purpose. The mavic air is only for outdoors recording cinematics and aerials. Tello is for flights in my garden - with my kobwa wifi extender i do "patrol flights" around my property :) and the...
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    Near disaster on The Glorious Suwannee River

    stay away from flat and structureless surfaces like water :) the positioning system fails!
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    The tello is also handy as a pruner

    looks like the flowers in in the areas where i am around :D
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    DJI Tello range test - 450 meters

    thank you very much for sharing! I have a similar product, what i thought it would be better, due to 2 external antennas, that can be angled: https://www.amazon.com/Extender-Wireless-Repeater-External-Antennas/dp/B01N32T5ZZ but i didn't do a range test in similar wifi-free areas, yet.
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    Best wifi repeater for our tello?

    Iam am using the KOBWA https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01N32T5ZZ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 easy to set up, 2 antennas. But i dont know if they are fake
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    Charging from new.....

    i hope its your charger, thats faulty. Check the charging status of your battery by connecting the drone with your device. It shouldnt take that long to charge ...after that you shoud use another charger.
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    Cinematic Testfootage

    Hello guys, i am plying now around 1 week with my new tello. I just want to test out, if the footage is good enogh for making small clips for friends on insta, facebook or WhatsApp. I edited some footage to test and i am learning how to get the best scenes and moves with this little guy. Here...
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    New Tello Pilot

    Welcome! I am pretty new here, too. And also from germany - Stuttgart :)
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    Perhaps the best Tello video I have seen so far.

    Wow... nice Locations! Videos look very stable, due to no winds? Its hard to get moments with complete no winds :) This is a nice video and enditing. I am gong to do something like that - but still learning to get the feel for the right szene, perspective and flightpath!!
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    30 metre high club....Post your photos :)

    30 m low light - worked well! Greetings from germany!