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Recent content by lieronet

  1. lieronet

    Bigger battery?

    short answer is no.
  2. lieronet

    Why does my Tello over heat with in 5 mins

    It has to do with the fact it houses a tiny 14 core cpu from intel and some additional tech from dji. It has no active fan so it needs to move to get cool :)
  3. lieronet

    Brand new and already a broken motor

    I have seen two reports that when bumping into something with the prop guards they somewhat pry the tin motor out like this. About the motor upgrade, the brushless is impossible without swapping the whole internals. And about just better motor there are few posts , but generally they are 8520...
  4. lieronet

    Remote (RC) question

    Not at all. You need the overpriced Gamesir bluetooth gamepad , see more topics , or when you dont mind using a different application, or install a key mapping app, you can use another one, there are more than one topic here CONTROLLERS - PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY! And Tello and watter dont...
  5. lieronet

    New Tello covers

    When searching for new accessories for my Tello I discovered some sick covers They look really great and I see some lighting possibilities. You can search on aliexpress for "tello covers" they pop up on the first page.
  6. lieronet

    Tello app forgets settings

    more skipped frames.
  7. lieronet

    My Tello Battery Test

    Not sure about how many flights, but for sure about 100. One week I might not fly at all, other I might fly 10 times. I am aware about the motors, so I avoid flips, give it a break between batteries and mostly fly only when I wanna capture something. For fun flying I keep other disposable drones :)
  8. lieronet

    My Tello Battery Test

    Hello, I have a 4 months old tello and 3 original batteries. Until now I thought I get about 10 or 11 minutes fly time, never timed it before because that was plenty for me. Just recently I timed them outside in slow mode no recording just taking pictures and almost always reached 14:30 till it...
  9. lieronet

    Tello does not take off from the ground, only makes a small jump to one side (props are in the right place)

    Today somebody on facebook found a solution. Hand throw, and while mid air go for the Gravity center calibration, not IMU Hope it helps
  10. lieronet

    Thank You "Auto Landing", Now I Lost My Tello

    To me it only happened in the official app so far. It kicks in when high attitude and vps fails or in higher winds when the vps is confused and at night. There is a red warning button with STOP in it so you can try to avoid autoland.
  11. lieronet

    Tello does not take off from the ground, only makes a small jump to one side (props are in the right place)

    Did you try to calibrate? If so maybe try to reset the tello, I think it is done by holding the power button for 10 or so seconds.
  12. lieronet

    Overnight Charging

    I personally would not recommend it. The battery itself has protection against overcharge, but if the drone is hot overnight it might loose its cooling performance. Between the aluminum heatsink on the belly and the ARM chip and GPU on the board are thermal pads , which can loose viscosity ...
  13. lieronet

    Thank You "Auto Landing", Now I Lost My Tello

    Using an alternate app. There are few in the Development thread.
  14. lieronet

    Tello and airports

    With Tello I would say if you fly inside the airport building you should be safe :D I mean the terminals, duty free zone, toilets. But not outside
  15. lieronet

    Motor fail mid flight

    Yay! I did about 4 depron planes, and convert some wooden frames my father did earlier to RC. I always poked around rc stuff but never regulary :( after 3 quad builds, which only one was successful I opted back to buy quads, and rc car kits. And probably I will go back to my planes and update...