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Recent content by Memor86

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    Sounds Silly but what's your Tello's name?

    I just refer to it as the drone, now that I have a mavic mini I refer to it as the old drone and the mavic the new one
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    Wireless charger

    as long as VPS does not fail due to low light or a bad floor it will land almost perfectly i believe.
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    Disable Student Mode in TelloFPV

    I don't think it has noting to do
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    Any Samsung galaxy s7 series or above.
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    Problema con mi Tello

    De que altura se te callo??
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    Tello WIFI channel selection

    I think that the tello it's just a toy, no need to get too complicated. If you need more range than what an cheap extender can give you, you really need to consider upgrading to a bigger more capable device.
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    Parrot airborne, anyone?

    Sorry dude but this is not about a tello. It's about another similar drone
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    Parrot airborne, anyone?

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    Parrot airborne, anyone?

    I just got this parrot airborne cargo second hand for 20 bucks, it's very hard to fly, when I just got it it started dropping from the air, motors would just stop. I updated the firmware and cured that but the drone still flies very bad even in perfect indoors conditions, Does anyone have any...
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    Hit a wall, killed a motor. How to replace!

    I used the no soldering method but tucked the connections unde the cover and used heatshrink instead of tape
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    Help identify component

    The most important question is.... What is it for??? The drone appears to work just fine
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    Help identify component

    Hello folks I took apart my tello to replace a motor, I wanted to route the cables exactly as it came from factory and decided to remove the camera connector. When I managed to set the glue free and the connector lifted I noticed that something (a small component) may have been very well stuck...
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    Wireless charger

    How much weigh does your mod adds?
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    Wireless charger

    So what's the actual advantage?
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    Flying in the dark and cold

    Better block the vps camera and fly without assistances or else you will have a hard time moving it around. About the the temperature the manual says Operating Temperature Range 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C The drone may handle the low temp but the battery may not.