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Recent content by Mikemercer89

  1. Mikemercer89

    Tello cinematic first attempt.

  2. Mikemercer89

    Flying RC ..& air 2 air pics

    Some good shots there 👍
  3. Mikemercer89

    Non cinematic footage...

    First actual foray outdoors and took a friend to give him his first experience with a drone, already got him hooked on the tello after a brief 5 minute flight. Uploading the footage to show the sort of content that can be achieved even with the first use of a drone with the absolute minimum...
  4. Mikemercer89

    Checking in from Toronto!

    Welcome from the UK, same here with the tello being my first drone, only using it indoors at the minute whilst I master the basics, would highly recommend a gamesir t1d, no latency issues at all and makes for a much better flying experience. Also got myself the xiaomi repeater and set it up but...
  5. Mikemercer89

    Bluetooth controller?!?

    I will be looking to order a controller tonight, Any advice on what would be best.is hugely appreciated, everything iv seen points to the gamesir controllers, I'm using a s7edge so could someone please confirm which model would be compatible please, Thanks in advance :D
  6. Mikemercer89

    My first photo and video shots. ==>Archery area

    Similar shaky issues myself with both updated, I am using the touchscreen and not a controller though so probably not flying as smooth
  7. Mikemercer89

    Managed to get to 90ft today

    Awesome pictures, first ever flight with my drone I pretty much just went straight up to 30 metres and took a couple of shots, this was probably the best. Using only my phone and the tello at the minute until I read up on range extenders and bluetooth controllers ect.
  8. Mikemercer89


    Just a quick one to say hi, from Cheshire in the UK, and decided I would opt for the tello as my first drone, currently pairing up with a Samsung s7 edge. Never used a drone before so all tips/pointers on drone use and accessories would be greatly appreciated. First question for y'all, which...
  9. Mikemercer89

    Let’s create a special forum to sell / buy the drone parts?

    New to the site but think this would be a great idea.