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Recent content by neon

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    Fly away

    Mine did similar thing, just started going higher and higher like crazy. However there was ideal wifi connection and I was close to tello. It climbed easily 50m and wind blowed it somewhere. Found it and support decided that warranty repair is needed after seeing logs. Tello is really great, as...
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    Tello flies without reason verry high?

    After support finally taken a look at my logs they decided that tello needs warranty repair. Full electronic board was replaced, but due to weather conditions I didn't managed yet to try it fully after repair.
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    Tello flies without reason verry high?

    One more detail in my case: that was something with tello itself, because when I got it back there was lit solid red led. According to manual that is critical error.
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    Tello flies without reason verry high?

    Today had same situation. At some point tello decided to do autoland (BTW, no reason for that), and second after I cancelled autoland, it literally shooted up, I lost eye contact and would lost drone if someone wouldn't found it and returned.