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Recent content by ph2t

  1. ph2t

    Tello PCB and antenna reference, to help fellow crazy modders ;)

    I tried some bigger antennas, quarter wave - whip style not dipole. Did improve the range, would fly up to 80-100 m with no repeater in really noisy(RF) environments. I did a post here: My long range fpv tello kit
  2. ph2t

    Tello carbon fiber 135mm frame conversion

    Heya mate, sorry I haven’t updated this thread of late. The whole thing was fun to put together and it’s flight character was same as stock, albeit slightly lighter. Main thing was being able to adjust the camera angle for more of an fpv experience. The project stoped due to the battery error...
  3. ph2t

    My long range fpv tello kit

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have now created a test video, here it is below, hope you all enjoy! To answer the questions posted. @TelloMikeK - Flight time is approx. 8.5 - 9 minutes. The vtx/camera and larger props both contribute to the reduction in flight time due to a greater...
  4. ph2t

    Controlling Tello with smartwatch

    lol, just lol....
  5. ph2t

    Best replacement props

    eBay tello clone props are good - you just need to check that they fit snug and have a even look to their finish. I’ve bought them, they’re cheap and handy to have. My favourite props at the moment are ones recommended by Ansia. They’re bigger blades but they hold better for outside flying I...
  6. ph2t

    My long range fpv tello kit

    So I am having a LOT of fun with this. No wifi repeater! - Trying out a home made diversity antenna setup Nice big field of view! - FPV camera in place of tello camera No lag! - 5.8Ghz, filtered vtx to my fatsharks Ansia props - great outdoor props that really cut through windy conditions...
  7. ph2t

    Tello camera mod for fpv

    No worries... :) Sometimes I don't know if the fun is flying or modding! lol In the end I found the intense zoom like focus on the tello camera just not suited to the task of FPV. So I removed it entirely! I also installed a 200uF low ESR capacitor across the power line from the batteries...
  8. ph2t

    Tello camera mod for fpv

    I have never been a big fan of the angle that the tello camera is set to. I'm not a big selfie/photos user of the tello and like to fpv fly it more often than not. The angle of the camera is tolerable in normal speed mode but in fast mode the angle that tello flies at means the camera is...
  9. ph2t

    Post Your Drone Fleet

    That’s a serious dji collection!
  10. ph2t

    fpv at midnight

    It’s not too bad, reduces it by a minute or two. ?
  11. ph2t

    Tello PCB and antenna reference, to help fellow crazy modders ;)

    I think the best way to try out different antennas on this tello chassis would be to introduce a set of U.FL sockets onto the tello PCB where the original antenna cables were soldered. From the picture in the first post of this thread, here are the antenna pads highlighted. I'm going to try...
  12. ph2t

    16 Tello EDU Swarm Performance

    Awesome! What code architecture are you using to control them? Python?
  13. ph2t

    Tello PCB and antenna reference, to help fellow crazy modders ;)

    Yes! It’s a much better flying experience. ?
  14. ph2t

    Receiving antennas

    You will need to open it up and see where the cable has broken off. The antenna cables run down the rear two legs, into the motor mount and connect to a small antenna in the foot. You will need to see where the connection is broken. If it is broken at the circuit board then this post might...