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Recent content by quaddamage

  1. quaddamage

    Imaginary Tello 2

    I'm old and bitter so all I can offer is shattering dreams. Tello was a child of some very specific circumstances: - Movidius made a chip which could support all functions of the drone by itself (well, except Wifi and TOF altitude sensing) - Dji used that chip in Mavic Pro, so they gained...
  2. quaddamage

    Tello Repair

    If you removed a component, make sure you solder it back on. Looking at O-Gs wiki, the chip responsible for wifi is Marvell 88W8801. Check its datasheet and make sure it is powered. Components covered with silicone (I don't think there's any hot glue) are covered either to dampen vibrations, or...
  3. quaddamage

    Problems with firmware update

    Someone already provided me with parts of the MDK. These are compiled binaries without symbols though, and I'm not willing to spend enough time to understand them. Also I don't think I'm entitled to share them further. I looked into Phantom 3 binaries in the past, but for those, O-Gs published...
  4. quaddamage

    Extracting signed firmware image

    The manuals I got say that mvcmd (`MA2x`) file is generated from ELF. So no filesystem, only one big binary.
  5. quaddamage

    Extracting signed firmware image

    You are trying to decrypt Movidius file using tools for DJI format? I don't think the key is the only reason for your issues. You need to get MDK (not the old game, the one from Movidius), and reverse engineer it. See this comment...
  6. quaddamage

    Problems with firmware update

    Just tried google, and found a PDF with this inside: So it doesn't say how the flasher tool looks like, but clearly states that it is part of MDK and is is used within Makefile script. It also says that this programs SPI flash? SPI flash is a separate chip then. Then it's possible to desolder...
  7. quaddamage

    Problems with firmware update

    What collaboration? You need at least two separate entities to collaborate. Yeah, DJI never provides you with straight information that you're updating firmware on your own risk. Intel does not share information about Movidius chip in regard to how to reflash it. They only provide high-level...
  8. quaddamage

    Battery mod project for Tello

    Hm, here they state there is only one PACK- pin (though they call it GND): https://github.com/o-gs/dji-firmware-tools/wiki/WM004-Battery-Board#external-interfaces Also, as I stated before - I'm almost sure one of the remaining pins is directly connected to the TS thermistor. So that would leave...
  9. quaddamage

    Could use goggle help

    Using white goggles: Easier setup: If you don't need phone control at all, you can just buy the cheap goggles without electronics where you fit your phone inside to make them work. Also: I expect signal delays to be huge, and the drone to be unusable for FPV. But that's what you can get with...
  10. quaddamage

    Battery mod project for Tello

    Would be nice to know what are the chips. The 4x SOT-363 chips are clearly MOSFETs. But what are U2 and U3? U2 could be just power stabilizer for U3, or a temperature sensor. U3 is some kind of battery control chip, simple BMS. I wonder if there are any application examples for BQ24259, maybe...
  11. quaddamage

    What I need to learn to use Tello Low-Level Protocol?

    Hm, I didn't know some people took time to look into this. As expected, the protocol is amlmost identical to DJIs other products: https://tellopilots.com/wiki/index/
  12. quaddamage

    Unofficial battery message

    Batteries today have BMS chip nearby, which monitors cells and decides when the battery is dead. It also shares charge state and other telemetry via I2C. And it allows authentication. So from what you write, it looks like Tello battery has such chip. It must be a very simple model.
  13. quaddamage

    Hypothesising a battery mod for Tello (TELL ME IF ITS POSSIBLE!!!)

    All li-ion batteries have roughly the same voltage. DJI uses batteries with with polymer electrolyte, as it weight less than lithium salt electrolyte. That mostly depends on your skills. Though note that 2x capacity increase means up to 1.6 times flight time increase. Here are the photos or...
  14. quaddamage

    Replacement Motors

    They are 8520, so will fit. The speed of these is a little on slower side for 8520 models, but they also weight less than average. Not sure if the OEMs in Tello have idling speed of 49000 RPM or more like 52000 RPM, and weigh 5.2g or more like 5.5g. But production spread of idling speeds in...
  15. quaddamage

    PCB tello

    This is probably the best resource for identification: O-Gs Wiki: Tello boards I don't see that component there. So you'd have to figure out what it connects to, then it should't be hard to identify on proper "Application example".