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Recent content by quaddamage

  1. quaddamage

    Simple Yes or No answers

    Then start answering people in a way you think the answers should look like. Or point to a better forum - I'm not really that enthusiastic about this one as well. From my experience, questions most often contain false statements. How do you answer yes/no to that?
  2. quaddamage

    Tello disconnects the second it lifts off

    Most likely the battery got damaged. You probably overdischarged it in storage.
  3. quaddamage

    Is there ANY way to unlock the SDK speed cap?

    I don't think there were many tries, there would be a trace on some forums if they did tried. The drone just seem to be considered not worth spending time on. There are some Movidius tools which can be used to get an understanding of the firmware format, which would be the first step. But you...
  4. quaddamage

    Is there ANY way to unlock the SDK speed cap?

    The DJI Flight Controller software contains a list of hundreds of parameters controlling its behavior. In some drones, there is an "assistant" tool which allows changing them from a PC. In others, there is no tool - but parameters are always present, so they can be set using `og_service_tool`...
  5. quaddamage

    Motor replacement

    No. Unless your description was too broad and inaccurate; then maybe yes. Yes. You diagnose, then you fix. Or you go to a repair place where they know how to do that. Here's some basic info to get understanding how the Tello works: O-Gs Wiki: Tello core board
  6. quaddamage

    Problem with firmware or something else

    So it was a software problem. Interesting. I see there are other threads here with similar issue, and same solution (though these suggest using older version of standard Tello app). Thanks for sharing.
  7. quaddamage

    Tello Pad Location Values Variation

    There are clearly two straight line sections, moving away from the pad. Maybe you didn't narrowed the data to correct time slice?
  8. quaddamage

    Won't turn on

    Doesn't turn on -> check if power comes to the circuit. First, check if you have proper voltage on PMIC input.
  9. quaddamage

    Problem with firmware or something else

    The drone estimates battery charge based on its voltage. If fully charged is shown as 50%, then either connection between battery and power controller (PMIC) has high resistance, or something within the drone consumes high power (there's a short?) which lowers voltage on the battery. Or the...
  10. quaddamage

    Tello with mini 1 controller

    There might be shortcuts for some points, and some info might be already available, but the general route is: 1. Figure out how the mobile app controls the drone (analyze packets, or decompile the app) 2. Re-produce that by writing an app which controlls Tello from a PC, or Raspberry Pi, or any...
  11. quaddamage

    Experienced Tello repair

    You only want to flash the firmware? That is not hard, though I doubt it will really fix anything. Not that I ever tried it, but according to this page the FW is just written on a serial flash chip: https://github.com/o-gs/dji-firmware-tools/wiki/Firmware-m0802#flashing So it is loaded kind of...
  12. quaddamage

    Experienced Tello repair

    Since the firmware is encrypted, we can't get this information from reverse engineering the code which sets the LEDs, as was done for other drones. BUT - for these other drones, besides LED indication, there were also packets sent with more readable explanation. Maybe it's possible to connect...
  13. quaddamage

    Tello with mini 1 controller

    You did not provided any information about how good and hardware tweaking you are. There is Atheros wi-fi chip in the RC. Anyway, without additional knowledge - the answer is no.
  14. quaddamage

    How to read Tello Firmware v01.04.78.01? (Tools for .pro.fw.sig files)

    That is true, in general. But after some talks on Slack (currenly Mattermost), I was able to get a copy. Only compiled binaries though, I'm pretty sure corporations get source code. Hint: it's always easier to achieve anything there if you share some info yourself. Be it board photos...
  15. quaddamage

    Tello battery: 1 green blink and 2 red (no charging)

    Yes. If you like tinkering, and have a li-po charger, then you can make some holes and charge the cells directly, then it will work - the Tello batteries are not locking permanently like other DJI batteries. But the cells are damaged, so you will get low flight time. Specifics depend on how...