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Recent content by Sasmlt

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    DJI TELLO Cinematic Footage - 7th.Eps "Farmland - Indonesia"

    Beautiful and we'll done job
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    Hello from Malta

    Hi to everyone. I am new to drones however not new to rc, since I used to fly fixed winged rc aircraft before and actively drive rc cars. I bought my first toy grade drone in china,it is similar to a Visio Battle shark with the benefit of takes standard 1s lipo. It has excellent alt hold and...
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    another Tello Pilot (Android App)

    Bought your app yesterday and I am impressed make theTello go to a higher level. I'd not perfect but are the bigger brother's perfect ? No There is always room for improvement and limitations and some times work arounds. Really worth getting the app. Maybe u should now foucs for and iOS...