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Recent content by scfcstoke1

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    Tello Distance

    Ok, i know i can get to 100 ft in height , but what would happen if i flew my my tello at its default height ( 3 foot??)and pressed the forward button with a range extender in a field?? , if it lost signal etc , would it just keep on going or stop until the battery died, for example if i were to...
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    Managed to get to 90ft today

    Splendid, i'm using the Xiaomi Mi Wifi 2 Repeater Range Extender
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    Managed to get to 90ft today

    Luckily, hardly any wind.
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    My personal record is 457 m.

    Splendid, Music reminds me of this tune..
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    Managed to get to 90ft today

    Nice calm day in Datchet next to Windsor, so my friend went to my Wake Park and got it up high using a Wifi extender. Queen Mother Reservoir in the background, which has lost a lot of water, beyond that Heathrow. Windsor Castle
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    Tello meets his big sister.

    Wow, that is Big Brother, love it, I was told to get the Mavic instead of the Spark though...I go to Liquid Leisure in Datchet most days after work as i have a membership, and these things are wizzing around all the time without issue...which i found strange at first considering we are in...
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    Extender set up

    So yesterday i managed to get the extender to work, although at that time i never had the app to increase the flight height, after work i went back to my wake park to get some higher footage, and it would not connect and i cannot re set it up...any ideas??? It's a Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2...
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    New Tello Photos

    New tello arrived today.. and took a couple of photos, 1 inside my Hotel & 3 near my local wakeboarding park....i was a bit miffed at first as i thought the range extender would help me go above 30ft, but it did'nt...i was about to put the kit up for sale when i got home, but then found a app...
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    How do i upload photos & Video??

    please delete
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    Best set up to get started off with

    Tello arrived today, i will charge and try tomorrow
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    Hi from the UK

    My Tello was delivered to my work place today at 20:45hrs, so i will pick it up Tomorrow...cannot wait to charge and fly it..
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    $150 Tello kit: 3 spare batteries, spare props, charging hub

    No worries, i've ordered one today from amazon, but thank you for replying
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    Best set up to get started off with

    Obviously i need the Tello, but is there a package with extra batteries, charger etc?? also i am told it does not come with a charger.. is that correct?? I'm in quiet, leafy Heathrow, Middlesex btw.
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    Photogrammetry with Tello!!

    I like your wall, is it actual wood paneling or wallpaper?