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Recent content by Skygazer1

  1. Skygazer1

    Cleaning my tello after crash 😫

    Uh oh! Water?
  2. Skygazer1

    Hello from C.Falls Ohio!

    In North Cincinnati if you need anything
  3. Skygazer1

    Lost my Tello today.. 😖

    I lost one a few months ago. Looked up, Tello overhead. Snapped a couple pictures , looked back up, was 2-3 houses away. Was unable to bring it back. Looked for some time with no luck. Bought Tello 2, much more careful now.
  4. Skygazer1

    Prop-guards or not?

    Indoors, yes. Outdoors no.
  5. Skygazer1

    I am Kevin from KY.

    Northern ky? I am in Cincinnati
  6. Skygazer1

    Tello becomes a bad actor ....

    Your a funny guy......not
  7. Skygazer1

    Tello becomes a bad actor ....

    I lost mine last weekend, will not be able to replace till my next payday 2 weeks! 100 is alot to some of us lol.
  8. Skygazer1

    Just a little windy and not able to fly?

    Was super windy, held position pretty well today at 10m. I was impressed.