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Recent content by SnoopCat

  1. SnoopCat

    Hi from Madrid, Spain

    welcome! / bienvenido!
  2. SnoopCat

    Pictures of my firehouse

    Here are some pictures of my firehouse and trucks i took today Santiago, Chile
  3. SnoopCat

    Little Invention That Can Help Expand The View of our Tello

    Can u post some pictures and videos ?
  4. SnoopCat

    Tello app upgraded

    Hi! Today in the morning i have noticed the tello app was upgraded to a new version, whit this upgrade apeared this on the settings, the chinese option haha, anyone can help me and tell what this mean and used for?
  5. SnoopCat

    hi From chile!

    thx guys!
  6. SnoopCat

    [URGENT] VPS Red light on the bottom.

    mine does that too somethimes
  7. SnoopCat

    WiFi repeater

    xiaomi mi 2 its the only repeater that works ?
  8. SnoopCat

    Word of warning...

    post the video!!! its interesting :D
  9. SnoopCat

    3D printed Prop Guard Holder

    u should print some prop wards haha, i have broken a few atm haha :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  10. SnoopCat

    hi From chile!

    hello guys im new here! My name is blasko and i live in Santiago, Chile I have recently bought this amazing dron and had alot of fun whit it! i will keep posting the videos and pictures i take whit the drone! cya guys!