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Recent content by StefyIT

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    Tello - Active Track (iOS) - Released! - New Orbit mode

    Really nice App smartyToe! Thank you.
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    New Android App: TelloMe (FollowMe for Tello)

    very good, bought now
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    New Android App: TelloMe (FollowMe for Tello)

    Hi Volate!lo, could you please evaluate my data for a good results or not? ZTE Axon 7 (I've also Iphone 6s it could be better?) Thank you. StefyIT
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    Greetings from Rome - IT

    Hi Cafandro welcome. I'm from Rome too. Ciao
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    Hi All

    Oki Thanks
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    Hi All

    Hi All, I'm from Rome-Italy. Thanks to Forum Ciao. Stefano