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    Downward facing camera hack/bodge LOL

    Nope not that I’ve found really but obviously you don’t want to fly this to far away as it’s looking down, great for those shots that you just want to go straight up with.
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    Problem with movie quality

    It does record 720p when the connection allows but people have had varying results with different phones.
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    Downward facing camera hack/bodge LOL

    If your wanting some downward facing shots I’d say yeah it’s worth a try. It would be better once I’ve 3D printed the part to clip on the front.
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    Downward facing camera hack/bodge LOL

    A quick hack to get some downward facing footage, I’ve got an idea for a 3D printed add on that just clips in place but need to find a mirror that is readily available for everyone.
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    xiaomi wifi repeater 2

    I’ve got one it’s great and really does improve the range I have to say for the most part I don’t use it much as it’s just one more thing to set up every time, but if I know I’m going far out I will make the effort to use it.
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    10m altitude limit

    If you are on IOS there’s an app you can download that does this super easy It’s called Altitude Limit for TELLO by IEIRISOFTWARE LAB.
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    En route to work..

    Nice, not one dropped frame on that 360 either 😃👍
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    GameSir T1d controller

    What! it will definitely not work as a game controller!? I was looking at this as a gimmick that if it didn’t work well for the tello at least I had a controller that worked on games 🙈 I probably won’t bother then as there’s other controllers that do both.
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    Follow me mode official reply from Ryze

    The new JJRC drone does it pretty well and it’s only £40! It’s all software based and DJI is obviously holding back on some of the development.
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    Follow me mode official reply from Ryze

    So I got in contact with Ryze today about the possibility of the follow me mode being added and here’s their response. Thank you for contacting Ryze Support. I want to stress that we take this kind of feedback seriously and thank you for bringing this to our attention. It ensures that your...
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    Anyone in the UK attending DJI events this weekend?

    Nice one both are way to far away for me but be sure to let us know how it goes 😃👍
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    Local football ground

    Nice one great shots 👍
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    Folding props possible?

    I just like the sound it makes flying LOL I bet it’s not as good in the wind with those though.
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    Tello: worth it for photographers?

    I have used the tello for short video clips on my YouTube vids but nothing major as it’s not great at Video as mentioned previously, but if you want some photos just for social media, Instagram Facebook etc then they are great for getting quick shots. The last couple of weeks I’ve thought about...
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    G’day from Newcastle, Australia

    G’day to you to 👍 and welcome to the forum 😃