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Recent content by Terry

  1. Terry

    Tello up at work again..

    If I dont speak to before Christmas I hope you have a great holiday season. Take care my friend??
  2. Terry

    Tello up at work again..

    I spend a little to much time on my YouTube channel and am spread a little thin for the 4 forums I'm on.?
  3. Terry

    Tello up at work again..

    No dude..I mean on the forum???
  4. Terry

    Tello up at work again..

    Are you the only one left buddy??
  5. Terry

    Bit foggy over local neighbourhood..

    Very nice shots there Magoo. Really looks cool with the fog.??
  6. Terry

    The rocky Atlantic coast

    Awsome shot.???✌
  7. Terry

    Summer Sizzler

  8. Terry

    Weekend ..north

    You treat it right Guy.??
  9. Terry

    A little mix of my dji family..

    Cheers Magoo. Ya it's been kind of a windy summer over all.
  10. Terry

    Lake landing

    I'm happy you got the tello back in the air. Good idea to let it sit and dry that long. I fly over water quite often but with great caution and always in sport for quicker response. Also the higher you are over the water the better results. But all in all they prefer it over land. Good luck.??
  11. Terry

    Weekend ..north

    Great shots guy.??
  12. Terry

    my first video

    Awsome 1st video . Well done.??
  13. Terry

    A little mix of my dji family..

    Nothing in particular. Just a little mix.
  14. Terry

    Tello flipping in rain

    How can you not love the tello ??
  15. Terry

    First time flying

    Awsome pictures..well done??