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  1. thello

    Wide angle in slow mode

    Cheers! Interesting. I will take a look at that deshake app for post recording stabilisation... let's see if it works on the videos taken with fast mode...
  2. thello

    Wide angle in slow mode

    Thanks a lot for the inputs and for the tip on the lens adapter! Ok it makes sense now that fast mode with no stabilisation is wider than slow mode which has stabilisation and needs to crop. I guess the video is too shaky in fast mode to get good results for the electronic stabilisation which is...
  3. thello


    I believe it's not available for sale anymore but for those who own the Horipad Ultimate (for iOS) or can find it 2nd hand please know that it works perfectly with the stock Tello app for iOS. Also had a great experience with the wifi extender and controller at the same time...
  4. thello

    Wide angle in slow mode

    Hi there, Apparently, the Tello uses a wider angle on the camera in fast pilot mode. Is there a way to get the wide angle view of the fast mode but in slow mode. I like the slow mode to make smoother videos but I'd like the wide angle... Sorry if this was answered elsewhere, my searches didn't...
  5. thello

    Hi from France

    Hi there, I'm from Angers, a city in the West part of France. I've had a double rotor RC Heli about 10years ago (when quads didn't exist) that I couldn't fly more than 5mins... supper difficult just to hover. I've had the Parrot AR Drone 5 years ago which was great but not so robust and quite...