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Recent content by Tinmania

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    Tello Protective Case

    Indeed it is a nice little case for the Tello. For $14.59 I can't complain. Mike
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    Tello Protective Case

    Just ordered this: https://www.amazon.com/Anleo-Travel-Tello-Quadcopter-Drone/dp/B079HNS5ZD Seems similar to the case in the OP, but it does have a net on top for small storage. $15 on Amazon. Mike
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    Tello + FPV camera.

    Well, of course. Likewise, I am sure it is not recommended to fly with a camera taped to the top and a battery dangling below. Yet, it works. Mike
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    Tello + FPV camera.

    Great idea and I bet a lot more responsive than the tello’s own vid feed. Heck, I could throw this on my Tello for flying indoors and probably could negate the added weight by taking off the prop guards, which hopefully I wouldn’t need as much. Do any of these fpv cameras offer hdmi out? If...
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    Flight Time

    I haven’t timed mine but I almost always record video during each flight and the resulting videos are often 11+ minutes long. This is indoors or outdoors with nearly no wind— prop guards always on. Mainly bought the Tello to keep me from trying to fly my Mavic pro indoors on windy days. The...
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    How to go beyond the 10m altitude

    I thought its only reference to altitude was in reference to its takeoff position. So if you take off as high as possible you should be able to eke out a higher alitude AGL. Mike
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    Eureka! I've nearly mastered flying with the virtual joysticks ...

    I definitely notice this. But at least in my case it is caused by me not sliding my thumb perfectly straight up for, say, going forward using right stick. I wish there was a little more leeway before being slightly off center has an effect. When I fly the Tello I usually don’t want to mix both...