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  1. usingh

    Control Tello Using SMS Messaged - DJI Tello Experiments

    Yeah I think ngrok should work just fine. It changes the url everytime you connect though, I haven't used it in a few months. Maybe some new premium feature might be able to reserve you the same base url everytime (check the docs). But once connected, it's very stable.
  2. usingh

    How can I benefit from drones in fields of home security?

    Hello @fahancer So I am working on a concept which is somewhat in alignment with yours. I have a startup in India with drones called DronaMaps, and typically we used to do 3D mapping using larger drones. However, lately we have been experimenting with nano drones, and hence comes in Tello. The...
  3. usingh

    [question] Reading data from multiple Tello at the same time ?

    Assuming I understand correctly what you're saying "there is only one port 8890 and port 11111". That's correct. There is only one UDP port 8890 and 11111 ON EACH DRONE. That means, if you have 5 drones, that's 5 pairs of ports, all on DIFFERENT IPs (you should have configured them via a router...
  4. usingh

    Hello from DroneMaps! (India and US - Baltimore + SF)

    Wow this is pretty interesting! DJI certainly expands our market quite a bit! I am excited to see what all nano drones can do in the coming times since all the larger drones essentially have been strangulated by regulation in every country (which was reasonable to happen at some point, it's a...
  5. usingh

    Hello from DroneMaps! (India and US - Baltimore + SF)

    Hey everybody! I am Utkarsh Singh, and I started the company DronaMaps (and we are transitioning into DroneMaps for some of our drone projects). I recently became a tello & tello-swarm pilot by writing some new python codework for interacting with tello. Will be publishing all my content on...