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Recent content by zarkrax

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    Propellers and Flips

    Had my Tello for about a month now, and finding it great fun! I have noticed that when I have crashed it that the props start moving up the shafts, so I have to push them back down. Anyway today, I crashed it and as usual the Tello is super sensitive and cuts power to the motor and a prop fell...
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    Do you guys have issues with your Gamesir controller after the latest update?

    I got mine yesterday, i'm on the latest version of everything and seems to be OK on Android and IOS
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    To the people having video stutters...

    I have found IOS to be a lot smoother than the Android app (Galaxy S7) I will try the airplane mode trick this evening.
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    Fast mode turn off glitch

    Same issue as OP. If I fly indoors from take off select fast mode and positive pitch and stop hovering over my dining table no issue. (Nice air brake action on the Tello BTW!) Then I yaw 180 degrees and positive pitch back towards me, fast mode is still showing in Tello app. But angle of attack...
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    Hi everyone

    Just got my Tello :) It's my first optical sensing drone, have also own various mini alt-hold drones and a Syma X5 non altitude drone (That's fun!) Love my new Tello and the stability.