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Android testers needed.

Despite being in an early alpha stage, this app is already a lot better than the official app. Running it on my old Samsung S3 with a Gamesir T1s connected via OTG (Bluetooth off). Absolutely no lag or stuttering on the FPV video and the stick controls are smoother and more direct. WiFi range seems to be increased too since there is no Bluetooth interference anymore.
Many thanks!
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Sorry, Apparently video doesn't work on some (most?) phones. I have no idea why. It works fine on my s6 and one other Samsung (GT something) but not a s7 or s8. So I am stuck unless I buy another phone.
My S7 Galaxy didn't like the video feed either, unfortunately :(
On the control side, I did have great success with the regular GameSir T1 with an OTG cable.
EDIT: I found a serious problem with video and the beta is on hold until I can figure out whats wrong.
0.5 seems to work perfectly with my S7 Edge.
It somehow seems more reliable than the official app, as I seem to get less framedrops, although I get more video glitches instead when the wifi speed is bad (which happens to me on both apps, but seems to happen less on this one, it was very frequent on the official one), but to me at least, that is preferrable over a frozen image.

I could happily use this over the official app, except for the fact that there doesn't seem to be an onscreen option to toggle fast mode, which I use quite a lot. But other than that, and the missing tricks, this app is already better than the official one.
Good work, and I look forward to seeing future improvements.

Edit: Running 7.0 Nougat.
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Jdbye, are you using the app together with a Gamepad? I find it quite comfortable to enable fast mode by pressing R2 on the pad.
I fully agree with your findings about usability of this app compared to the original one.
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Jdbye, are you using the app together with a Gamepad? I find it quite comfortable to enable fast mode by pressing R2 on the pad.
I fully agree with your findings about usability of this app compared to the original one.
Not yet. I'm waiting for a compatible gamepad that's wired.
I know I can use other gamepads with this, but I heard Bluetooth gamepads cause a lot of stuttering, and the two I have that are good for mobile use are both Bluetooth.
I was hoping the Gamevice controllers for Android would work with the official app, but it seems like no one actually tested it, and it's not mentioned at all anywhere, only the iOS version is mentioned, so I held off on buying one.
Maybe I'll buy a phone mount for my NES30 Pro controller, and give that a shot with this app. That won't happen for a month though, since I'd have to order it online, and I'm leaving for vacation in 1.5 weeks. I will of course be bringing the Tello with me and try to get some cool aerial shots.
Yours is apparently the first S7 that works. I wish I knew why.
Maybe the others were on Oreo, or maybe it's due to me using a custom ROM. It is a stock based custom ROM so it mostly has the same features and limitations, but there are quite a few changes still.

I did also try out the video conversion that's new in 0.5, and that worked perfectly fine. For some reason it seems to make much smaller files than the official app, but I haven't had the chance to try it in different scenarios yet, so more testing is needed to verify that.

I love the automatic recordings by the way. Way too often did I think I was recording in the official app, and a few minutes later realized I wasn't, possibly because I changed some setting or used a feature that stopped the recording. And the ability to take pictures and record videos without having to switch between the 2 modes is great, I missed that from the official app. That's been a standard feature in camera apps for ages now, so it's weird to see an app that still does it the old way.
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hi.... what did l miss...? testing what? I have an android phone....
Its an Android control app. But the video feed is buggy.
Ok, I think I fixed the video problems. Thanks to everyone who helped. :) Version 0.7 is up here. Make sure you read the instructions on the page:

aTello download page

If this version works for enough people I will make a new thread.
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If you download the aTello app could you please report back even if doesn't work. I need to know whats broken more than what works.
Samsung S8+ Exynos running April Oreo build here. 0.7 works well! Controls are perfect, video a bit glitchy (visible artifacts vs the dropped frames of stock app) - might improve with Mi range extender, haven't tried that yet. Raw video files in aTello/video/cache can be played in MXPlayer without conversion. This will be a great alternative to the stock app - thanks for publishing.
Thanks for the pointer to MX Player. It works really well with .h264 videos!

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