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Any DroneBlocks users here?


Oct 26, 2018
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I'm on the beta for DroneBlocks ... shows some promise but not ready for primetime. Any other users?
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I've just bought half a dozen Tellos with the intention of using droneblocks and scratch to introduce kids to coding. First group next week.
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I own a Mavic Air, and as a(n ex-) computer professional I just bought a Tello primarily for its programming capabilities. I also bought a GameSir T1d, and rarely have I seen such poor setup instructions anywhere. I intend to start learning DroneBlocks/Scratch by writing a program that will perform as follows: fly in a square, at each point of the square stopping and bouncing three times. If it (or I) can do that, should be able to do a lot more.
I used droneblocks. This app is in beta and lacks some very basic things. For instance, at present, if a droneblocks mission is started, there is no way to programmatically abort. Getting control of the quad after mission has started is an absolute safety consideration. Doug Baldwin says they are working on an implementation that addresses this.

I can still use the app in classrooms to a degree however.

.02 cents
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Last night I wrote my first DroneBlocks program. I got it to do as follows: 1. set speed to 15cm/s 2. flip backward 3. fly upward 20" 4. hover 5 secs 5. yaw right 90 degrees 6. hover 5 secs 7.yaw left 90 degrees 8. land. It executed perfectly. I then inserted the following command: "repeat 3 times do flip backward" between steps 4 and 5 above. This time all was performed except for the land instruction - after completing all the flips the Tello remained hovering in the air at a height of about 2 meters, not responding to either my app or my controller. I got it down by throwing a kitchen towel over it. No damage was done to the Tello. I couldn't find a bounce instruction which I'd mentioned in my previous post but I figure I can create the function by looping flying up and down. All in all - great fun!

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