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Because of this image I'm returning the GameVice Controller for iPad & "going Android"


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Mar 15, 2018
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1) Note from the image that, because iTunes does not recognize my iPad, I am unable to download the photos and videos that I just created from their location on the iPad to my PC, which is where I would do my editing.

Meanwhile, I already know that with the Tello app running from my LG V10 Android phone, any photos and videos that I make automatically end up in the LG's Gallery without me doing anything.
Android 1
iOS 0

2) What I want from my Tello AC is that it be always available for spontaneous use. I always have my LG with me. I have my iPad with me only when I'm going out specifically to fly.
Android 1
iOS 0

3) The GameVice joysticks don't seem to add much benefit to using the Tello app directly from my LG's onscreen joysticks
Android 1
iOS: 0

Conclusion: I'm returning the GameVice for credit and "going Android" for my spontaneous creations but iOS for the serious stuff with my Mavic Pro.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I always have extra batteries for my LG V10 plus a Power Add power bank in my purse, so power shouldn't ever be a concern for my spontaneous creations, whether with the LG itself or with Tello.

Check out the attached mp4 file for an example of the quality of the audio and video that I get with my LG Smartphone's dual microphones and camera, using specifically the cable that came with it. The subject is the famous fountain at the Americana in Glendale. Oops! After completing to 100%, I'm getting the following message re the mp4 file: "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension."


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