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Brainstorm: what we can install to Tello


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Jun 11, 2018
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- bluetooth tracker Tile
- lego character
- small camera
- it would be interesting to try to install wireless charger coil
- ???

Share your ideas!
Well funny you should mention the tile...

I recently bought one on impulse and then attached it to the bottom of the tello. It flew just fine but it was more for fun than anything

I'm thinking about doing this (when I buy a Tello). Was looking at the differences between the different Tiles.
You're using the Tile Style which has double the range of the Tile Mate and better water proofing. But it weighs 11 g whereas the Mate weighs only 6.1 g.

How did you attached it?
Do you find the weight reduces battery life?
The Tile Style was an impulse purchase. I have hopes of getting a Mavic Air before too long and would use it on that. That is why I got the extra range one.
As for the tello I just tried it for fun and fitted it with blu tack.
I bought the "TrackR" brand but have issues with it interfering with the Wifi AND the Gamesir controller. Am I doing something wrong? Does the "Tile" brand interfere also? Thanks for any input.
I have used the Tile Mate. Weight reduces flight time ~ 1 minute at most. With iPhone X, Td1, Mi and the Mate Velcro'd to underside seems to drop control at 100 ft distance and 10 ft altitude with 2 Wi-Fi bars on Tello app. Normally with same setup without Mate good to at least 200 ft. Also Mate beep audible at only 30ft for me. Mate did not seem to cause overheating problems even though mounted on Tello's underside. Will try ViFly V2 Buzzer (found in Help Category this forum). Also going to install 5mm 3vdc LEDs to help with orientation and retrieving Tello. Hopefully LEDs will improve low ambient light issues. Will power LEDs from the ViFly battery.
I had all sorts of issues when using Tile. Works great on my cats. If you get one of those folding pocket drones you can rip the guts out(gently) & could attach a buzzer or anything you want. I'm still working on the possibilities and easiest way to do them. Activate it via wi-fi or RC...etc. see my 1 minute mod lol ;)Xcrost
You need a second wifi phone or device like a tablet. Your friends or an old one will do. It just needs to run the app for Eachines E57 drone or equivalent. All the instructions are here: Xcrost
Right! So you took the wifi and camera board from an eachine drone, stuck it to the top of your Tello... which already has a camera controlled by a Tello app (of which TelloFPV is the best ?).. and you’re telling us we need a different phone/tablet to view this new camera? Of course! There I was thinking you had some special app that allowed us to control both cameras from one phone! What a great wind up!
Well if your phone can run 2 apps simultainiously, I assume that is all you would need. I am not a miracle worker.lol ;)
Wireless charger mod is one of the very best, it could allow flight mission planning with aTelloPilot indefinitely if it could take down precisely enough which is not exactly the case.

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