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Jun 23, 2018
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To whom it may concern and can help me... .I bricked unintentionally my Quadcopter Tello with last updated firmware.
Followed the procedure suggested by one member and successfully unbricked it.
Now everytime I start the Quad the yellow blinking light comes back again and I must repeat the procedure to connect,is this normal ? Shall I give back the Quad as faulty to de Shop where did I purchase it ?
Thanks for any suggestion...Al
There is a way to restore. Check YouTube as I think it has a process of holding in off/on and holding in battery button. Maybe someone else has further info. I think I remember this from someone who bricked trying to install range extender. Also check with Ryze via on- line chat
From the web.

The short story, my dead Tello with WiFi showing as "Marvell Miceo AP"

1- with Tello off, press the power button for 5 seconds, display LED now pulses Red.
2- can connect to Tello WiFi, but app just shows Red warning at bottom with a bunch of flickering error codes.
3- with Tello ON, press the power button for 5 seconds, it then reboots and connects normally to phone WiFi
4- opened app, it wanted to update firmware, I downloaded firmware, pressed Update and it said "Current Version"
5- I checked the firmware version in the app and it was in fact updated.

All back to life once again, it just needed this re-boot, My custom WiFi Name is reset to stock as well.

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