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Camera Error and Heat, help a new User

Jan 13, 2022
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Hello guys, I'm Luis Angel, I adquired recently a tello drone, I don't know the number reference or the type but I know this drone is made for the new users of drones beacuse it's small, have shields in the propellers and it's for kids olders than 14 years. The case is this, the camera works strangly beacuse when I tried the photo mode the camera shows green and grey strips like a glitch effect and I can't see anything, but when I activated the video recorded mode the camera works like race profesional cameras who don't have a lot of colors and have bad resolution to show more quickly the images in the screen of racers. Also the bottom of the drone heat after a time of fligth, I don't know if this is normal or a camera component was breaking and now the board have a cortocircuit and this make heat.

The drone sended from USA to Colombia, for that reazon I think I can't have a refund or changed for other. Please Help Guys!



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This drone tends to overheat. It was intended for indoor use only. But many are using it outdoors. I spent five years in Panama and would say this drone is not good for outdoor work there, except on cool days or nights. Look at data sheets or specifications. For indoor work, keep on the floor time short. Put on a stand so air can circulate. Have fan blow air at it while sitting. Get a laptop fan cooler. One person in China says to turn propellers on while sitting on ground. If there is a short circuit that could be causing both problems. The camera problem could be from interference from the short circuit, also.. This is a good drone, but ad usual there is a learning curve. you can contact me at [email protected]. We have several of these micro-drones drones. and fly them in swarms. Yu can see our videos on Youtube channel MECATX. Good luck and do not give up. You will enjoy this drone when you get it repaired.
@Luis Angel Garcia Castro : The artifacts in your pictures look like decoder problems on you smartphone. You should try with another smartphone or with TelloFPV app (available as free trial). Replacing the Tello will most probably not solve that issue.

Regarding heated body:
As @Dan already wrote, Tello overheats, when it sits on the ground for longer periods without ventilation. It does not harm Tello because it automatically shuts down when reaching a critical temperature. Usually you should not see overheating in flight as there is enough ventilation.

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