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Can't connect drone to laptop


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May 15, 2020
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Hi, I am new to drones, well trying to be. I am attempting to teach Tello Drones to a class, however the IT man and I are unable to connect the drone to the laptops. We are hoping to run through Scratch and have the computer side all figured. It seems to be the connection between the Drone and the laptops. Any advice would be great. We have tried resetting the drone but, still nothing. I even trialled using Drone Blocks, but still have the same problem, the computer side seems to work, it just doesn't connect with the drone.
Again, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Feb 20, 2020
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Hello, We sponsored a drone club at a local middle school this spring. We did it in the gym, that had four squares embedded in the floor pattern. We did a different project in each of the squares. i.e. fly through hoops, take photos, toss eggs, etc. So we had to connect to laptops, tablets, and smart phones. We are interested in communicating with others doing similar work, We are now doing the instruction weekly, using ZOOM. You can see our work on youtube channel MECATX. We ran into many connection problems. We use Droneblock, Batch windows 10 commands, Raspberry Pi's connected with python, and smart phones with various app's. We have used all three Tello's drone for this project in the school.
The Tello uses wifi protocol (n - 2.4 Ghtz). relatively old and unreliable. Also channel selection is a problem due to the schools WiFi and the Tello's method to find a good channel. The strength of the WiFi signal is important. Therefor there is a steep learning curve for the students and instructor on wifiinfoview ( to evaluate channels selection ), Packetsender, and some Windows 10 commands to evaluate Wifi such as IPCONFIG, NETSH WLAN, PROFILES, INTERFACES, SSID'S. Also, our students are learning to setup WiFI routers such as the TP-link portables. We are working on drone swarms ( flying several Tello's in a formation pattern with a Hallocode onboard for lighting displays ) few of our youth pilots are also licensed ham radio amateurs.
One last thing is do not give up. This is a great teaching tool for programming, math, physics, etc. Make sure, you connect all new Tello's to a phone with a Tello app from DJI, and update firmware or it will probably not fly!! I f you would like help by a ZOOM video-conference contact me at [email protected] and follow our posting here and on youtube. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP LEARNING!

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