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Center of gravity calibration

Cliffs tello

Aug 26, 2018
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So I did a almost night flight in the backyard which almost ended in disaster. I wanted to test low light flight and if the inertial sensors would be enough, I thought the sensor on the bottom might also be able to lock onto a lighted flashlight. Nope lol. so it took off and started forward motion. Pulling full back on the " joystick" it still drifted very slightly forward and then sideways. Pulled throttle full down to force landing which seemed to take forever but it finally did land. So, which calibration is slightly out? It is just factory calibrated, never adjusted. Or can it not be flown if to dark? Thanks,
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I would say just not to fly in the dark haha, no matter the calibration the sensors are still trying to figure out movement and try to compensate
Hi Rob, well yes lol. I do have some understanding of electronics. And wanted to test what would happen if ground lock was not there or if a bright spot would be enough to lock on. I understand it does have MEMS gyros and accelerometers? And I'm guessing there slightly out of calibration. I do want it calibrated correctly as I want to see what is the best performance or stability I can get.
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Ah I get what you mean now yeah
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There's an option to re-calibrate the IMU within the Tello app. Additionally, there's an option to calibrate the Centre of Gravity position (which you have to do in-flight).
Interesting, wondered why it was dimmed in app. windless indoors needed for center of gravity calibration? Uh-oh, gears spinning,,,, now thinking of bigger battery lol.... Bigger frame.... Bigger motors.... I'd name it Godzilla,

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