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Charger Question

Mike Wi

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Aug 16, 2018
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I ordered two additional batteries recently. Are there any multi battery hubs available out there - I mean chargers who do the job simultaneously? By coincidence I stumbled across this one here & found it quite interesting. Smatree DT30 3 battery hub with integrated 7200 mAh power bank - claims to fill up 3 batteries in 80 minutes + usb output (WiFi repeater maybe). For ~ 30 Bucks on A here in Europe - What do you think about it?
Here's what I'm using:
Ryze Tech Tello 3-Bay Battery Charging Hub CP.PT.00000271.01 B&H
With a 1000ma charger it's taking abt 40-45 mins per batt to fully charge each one.. So, abt 2 full hours for my set of 3. If a 2.1 amp
or 3.0 amp charger is used, then the time wd be considerably less.
I also reset battery warning to 15%. If I shoot pix (4, 5, or 6) and some short vids, I'm getting around 11, 11 1/2 min per flight batt.
B and H Photo has great service, prices, no tax, and if over $49.99,
expedited shipping. Plus, they got a lot more toys than Drones...
Good Luck and Happy Flyin' 8_18_2018 Kreigor
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I have a 3 bay charger which I like. It has a display which shows the charging current per channel so you can see the progress of the charging. It also has 12v in so can be used in car/caravan/boat etc
I wrote the only review so you can read more in detail if you want.

That is the one I have. I use it with a 12V/3A adapter. I like the ability to read each battery voltage and current draw. I haven't done any charge timing and only had it a week or so, so can't commit on its longevity.
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