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Check my video pls!


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Oct 17, 2018
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Can you guys please review my video? It is without sound/music yet.

Dear sfs-archery,

This is just a short example what i made outside and i would say the quality is okay-ish although i used a xiaomi wifi extender. I going to do a whole trailer with music and with shots like this in the near future! Now i was curious about the quality and there are frame skippings but you can find sections in the videos where it is continious!
Frame dropping is something you can not 100% avoid. Using a wifi repeater is good and helps a lot to keep this Problem small. But until the tello has no SD-Card (and can save the file directly without the smartphone) frame dropping will be every time an issue.
The tello is a nice litte drone. The photos are better than the videos and if video is really the main reason to fly maybe another video drone would be better (Spark or MavicAIr,...).
For me Video is the main reason and i try it with the tello. There are a lot of possibilities. But you have to know the weak points of the drone.
Well i know that this is a "hobby/toy" grade drone but i try to take the maximum out of this little goodie, in my opinion, if you do take care on the flying speed, wind and other variables, with a bit good piloting you can do okayish videos too. After one week of usage i have to say i am satisfied with the quality what this little drone brings to the table for 100 eur. You can learn "cinematic" shots with this, yet it is obvious that this Tello isn't built for professional filming, on the other hands it's worth it's price!

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