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Connect the Tello Drone to an FTP Server?


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Feb 28, 2023
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Does anybody know of a way to have the Tello drone connect to an SFTP server using a Python module I have confirmed is working? Here is an example scenario I want to create:

  1. Connect to Tello drone via WiFi on PC
  2. Command the drone using various Python modules
  3. One of the modules will be an image capturing module
  4. Use the SFTP module to have the drone connect to my SFTP server and upload its images there
The thing I am most uncertain about is how to get the drone to connect to my server. Is it possible to somehow "share" my internet connectivity on the controlling PC with the drone?
Tello does not store images by itself, it only provides a stream. You are limited to what the firmware offers (if you have a Tello EDU, look for the SDK 3.0 docs).

When you are able to communicate with Tello through SDK using python, you will be able to consume the video stream and can pick and save frames from that stream e.g. using OpenCV.

When you are connected to Tello in access point mode (Tello acting as hotspot), you can have your PC connected to other networks at the same time only using additional network interfaces.

Tello EDU can connect to a WiFi router as client but in that case it does noch provide a video stream.
Alternatively you can use a raspberry, which has two wifi interfaces (hardare-wise you can connect one of usb-wifi sticks to it).

One interface can connect to tello AP and communicate via UDP using its own SDK.
Other interface basically connects to your home network.

You can write a webservice (using FastAPI, Flask or else). In this webservice you can have some endpoints, which receives your request related to the control commands of Tello and once those got any request it can send sn in-sdk-defined command request via the interface which connect to the Tello AP.

This way you are able to command your regular Tello via api requests sending to your raspberry which acts like a gateway between interfaces and let communicate your Tello to your sftp server via rpi as interface-gateway.

I hope it is clear. Good luck!

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