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Controller for tello


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May 26, 2023
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Hello, I already bought a tello and tried it out on my phone with the volatello app, everything's great
One question, I was wondering how I can use a controller for the drone, because I had a cheap 80€ drone before that had a controller and was wondering if I can use it with the tello?
(Ps if I can't use the controller from another drone, is it possible to use a generic usb controller and plug it in my phone?)
Thanks in advance!
The dedicated controller for the DJI Tello Ryze is Gamesir T1D. Unfortunately it's expensive.
I bought iPega 9078 controller yesterday and I tested it today.
It works without any problems via BT. However, you need to set "Android standard game mode" in the ipega 9078 controller by pressing X + ipega button. Of course, this is a configuration for androids and I connected dron with controller only via TelloFPV app.
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You can use almost any controller that works for android games. Some controllers have different modes but usually the ps3 mode works fine.

Controllers of other roles don't work as android doesn't recognize these, and use completely different frequencies.

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