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dazed, confused and semi POed

Kreigor-Celtic Warrior

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Aug 10, 2018
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Ville Platte,La, USA
My Tello is a great toy and tool. It helps keep the wheels turning and the boredom
down to a minimum.. Everything works fine, but the wifi extender.
I can't understand why I need to have an account w/ Xiaomi, which requires not only a user name, but another password to remember. As it is, I've lost the password I had and can not grasp their form of recovering it.
I don't really want to extend the 100m limit, but want to use it to keep the sluggishness and dropped frames from happening when video-ing using the BT T1d. It seems to be fine when just using my Android w/o the T1d
I've never had to get an account for any other modems , router or wifi systems, and I've been doing computers since 'PONG' was the rage, and this is the first.

Any help the forum can give me will be greatly appreciated .
As it is, right now I'll use my 'Droid to snap pix and record vids, and if I just want to fly the Tello, I'll use the T1d w/ the smart phone in my shirt pocket w/ a ten minute timer and an ear bud for the batt life. It is also most difficult to see the 'Droid screen in direct sun light.
Thanks a bunch in advance, Kreigor (8_18_2018)
thats the way Xiaomi works - if you dont like it you need to buy a different brand wifi repeater

just create a new acount and follow the instructions here on the forum or youtube and it will work
You only need the account/password stuff once when you set it up. Afterwards it is very user friendly imo

EDIT: Yes, I have just tried mine and it is nearly all automatic.

I turn on Tello, T1d & power up the Xiaomi
Put phone into Aircraft Mode
Switch WiFi back on and because the repeater is the strongest signal (tello_plus) it connects automatically.
Turn Bluetooth on and press binding button on T1d (not sure if this is strictly necessary).
Boot up app, go into Settings, Controller and click on T1d to connect.
Press Take-off :)

So that is it - takes moments with no user names or passwords to remember, just a few screen clicks.

Another thing I like about the Xiaomi (apart from it's price) is it's slim form factor which means it can fit inside my Tello case.

I am also hoping I can use it to boost the WiFi I use on our boat sometimes. At the moment there is WiFi at the marina but it is a bit flaky when I am using my laptop in the cabin. So I am hoping to attach the Xiaomi to a rope and hoist it up a few feet. This should mean it will get a stronger signal to connect to and I can then connect to it from the cabin below (in theory anyway ;)).

So I would urge the o/p to persevere. I agree it is a bit of a black art to configure it at first. I had to try several times and changed my location out of and then back to China but eventually it worked and I got the little green light :)
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