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Flying drone in California


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Nov 17, 2018
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Hello guys,

At the end of this year, I'm going to spend a vacation in California (more precisely in LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas), and I want to buy a Dji Tello. I know there are several rules about flying drone in california, I tried to understand, but I still have not got it. I wonder if I can actually fly with the drone (Venice Beach for example) or maybe in the desert between these cities.

Thank you.
I respectfully refer you to the FAA mobile app B4UFly, where you can check airspace restrictions. For example, Venice Beach is within five miles of nine airports, which opens you up to heightened scrutiny.

The same may apply in the desert, depending on controlled military airspace.
The Tello is considered a toy drone weighing in at less than the required .55lbs for registration. I'm sure that there may be some FAA rules that apply to it, such as flying over people. I do find hard to beleive that the FAA will make a fuss for someone flying his toy 10-20 feet AGL and 40-50 feet distance at the beach, not bothering anyone.

But hey, I could be wrong. If someone knows more, please let us know. I want to learn about this as much as possible.
Common sense should rule .. but don't fly the Tello in Yellowstone, over the geysers and pools .... BIG fines!! Probably same over some of the other National Parks ... though you CAN take off outside the park, fly over and photograph, and land outside ... airspace cannot be prohibited except by FAA Flight Restrictions.
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